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Powering the fastest growing Medicare Companies

Healthy Labs manages a portfolio of digital brands. We were the first inbound-only growth platform. We connect carriers and brands with high quality customer initiated clicks and calls.
Dynamic Marketplace
Delivers Calls on Demand
Selling Medicare is a double-edged sword.
Maximize Efficiency
Increase Sales Per Hour with high intent transfers from customers actively shopping for Medicare.
Reduce Disenrollment
Healthy Labs enables agencies to target customers who meet their retention goals.

Powering high quality growth.

Healthy Labs delivers high quality calls to Medicare agencies, powering high sales efficiency and high retention.

Our growth platform is built for agencies serious about boosting performance .
Medicare Agencies on the Healthy Labs platform get:
Predictable growth and highly efficient agents
Access to millions of Medicare consumers on the Healthy Labs growth platform
Increased LTV, lower CPA, and better call center operations

How we invest in improving retention for our partners

Better member experience
Happier members lead to higher retention. Our post-sale process is a unique mix of people and AI. We see higher member engagement and an increase in Net Promoter Score for agencies on our platform.
Running a Medicare Insurance agency has never been harder.

We make it easy.

Spend much less time pulling levers to try to get the right amount of calls at the right time. Our platform integrates directly into your dialer or any API to manage to your exact capacity..
Improve sales dramatically
Get TCPA compliant leads with far higher chances of conversion. Get access to millions of CMS approved marketing leads looking to buy Medicare insurance.
Meet compliance goals easily
Stay out of the penalty box with carriers and CMS with our advanced call monitoring. We catch many issues early, jumping in to policy compliance on our platform.
Finish enrollments in half the time
By focusing on conversion rate and sales per hour (our agent efficiency measure), Healthy Labs powers sales records.

Join the most powerful Medicare agency platform

We power rapid growth for Medicare agencies
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Access hundreds of CMS-approved ads, scripts, and websites
Advanced reporting on real-time dashboards
A compliance program trusted by the leading carriers.
Simple API's to setup a program quickly