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Building a rich member profile to drive higher engagement & LTV

Healthy Labs fills the gap in healthcare with integrated solutions for insurance providers, members, and agencies
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High Engagement Growth

When people understand their benefits and use their plans, they're more likely to renew and report high plan satisfaction.
At EasyHealth,
we start by simplifying the plan discovery process so people can make informed choices.

Member experience is our number one priority.

Great health experiences are clear and simple, they remember who you are and reflect member needs. We constantly work with partners and regulators to create rich, personal experiences.
The Healthy Labs platform actively engages the patients in their healthcare.

We build our process around a personal needs assessment, and simplify plan choices using plan data, high quality content, and ai-powered conversational experiences.
Data Driven LTV Optimization
Part of what caused a fall in lifetime values in Medicare was a focus on the wrong metrics. Too many focused on enrollments as a golden metric, and failed to recognize differences in cohort LTV. Our partnership approach helps us to focus on deeper metrics driving partner results.

Why do consumers use Healthy Labs?

For the millions of people that use our platform every year, we offer healthcare on your terms, focused on choice, simplicity, and trust.
Lots of choice
Low Friction

Sustainable growth for innovative health brands & plans

Unlock rapid, high quality growth
Improved member retention (higher LTV)
Efficient growth with
high intent customers
CMS & Carrier
Reviewed Experiences
With HealthyLabs,
you can unlock the power of data to grow your health brand and drive high health engagement
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