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eHealth 4Q23 Earnings Recap

eHealth, Inc. (EHTH)

  • Fran Soistman, Chief Executive Officer
  • John Stelben, Chief Financial Officer
  • Eli Newbrun-Mintz, Senior Investor Relations Manager

External Analysts

  • George Sutton, Craig-Hallum
  • Michael Murray, RBC Capital

Most talked about topics

  • Medicare Advantage (MA) Growth: eHealth reported a 22% year-over-year growth in Medicare Advantage enrollments, surpassing overall market growth. [Fran Soistman]
  • Operational Improvements and Profitability: Highlighted significant improvement in Medicare enrollment and revenue, along with enhanced operational foundation contributing to increased profitability metrics compared to Q4 of 2022. [Fran Soistman]
  • Market Dynamics and CMS Proposals: Discussed the current industry landscape, including carrier strategies focusing on profit over enrollment growth, and the implications of CMS' proposals for Medicare policy and technical changes for contract year 2025. [Fran Soistman]


  • Strong Q4 Performance: Demonstrated strong growth in Medicare enrollment and revenue with a significant improvement in profitability metrics. [Fran Soistman]
  • Enhanced Telesales Organization: Expanded and more productive telesales organization supported by technology enhancements and continuous reinforcement of training. [Fran Soistman]
  • Brand-Building Initiatives: Positive momentum in brand-building initiatives contributing to greater market visibility and customer acquisition. [Fran Soistman]
  • Amplify Launch: Successful start for Amplify, eHealth's new dedicated carrier business, contributing to business diversification and revenue growth. [Fran Soistman]
  • Improved Retention and LTVs: Progress in member retention programs resulting in an 11% year-over-year improvement in fourth quarter MA LTVs. [Fran Soistman]


  • Marketwide Shift from Standalone Drug Plans: Observed a decline in Part D applications, reflecting a continued marketwide shift away from standalone drug plans. [John Stelben]
  • Challenges in AEP Environment: Despite strong growth, the company navigated what many characterized as a challenging AEP environment. [Fran Soistman]
  • Lower Than Expected Volumes in Amplify: Amplify's volumes came in below forecast, reflecting AEP performance for those Amplify carrier partners. [Fran Soistman]
  • CMS Regulatory Proposals Uncertainty: The complexity and ambiguity surrounding CMS' proposal for Medicare policy and technical changes for contract year 2025 create uncertainty. [Fran Soistman]
  • Anticipated Changes in Carrier Benefits Structure: Expected changes in benefit structure and potential market exits by carriers could impact customer choices and market dynamics. [Fran Soistman]


  • Market Share Growth: Anticipates gaining market share in 2024 by capitalizing on a more rational marketplace and carrier agnostic choice platform. [Fran Soistman]
  • Business Diversification: Plans to drive growth through further business diversification, including scaling existing products and exploring new opportunities. [Fran Soistman]
  • Advancements in Technology: Focus on enhancing beneficiary experience through technology, including piloting the "Advisor in the Room" feature for a more personalized enrollment process. [Fran Soistman]
  • Retention Strategy Evolution: Developing a single unified view of the member across their full journey with eHealth to personalize retention initiatives. [Fran Soistman]
  • Financial Guidance for 2024: Expects total revenue to be in the range of $450 million to $475 million, with a focus on growing Medicare enrollments and improving profitability. [John Stelben]


  • Response to CMS Proposal: Inquiry about the response to Fran Soistman's open letter to CMS, discussing the need for a pause on new regulatory changes to evaluate their effectiveness. [George Sutton question to Fran Soistman]
  • Impact of Carrier Strategies on eHealth: Discussion on how carriers' focus on profitability over enrollment might create opportunities for eHealth through increased beneficiary shopping. [George Sutton question to Fran Soistman]
  • Agent Headcount and Cost Management: Questions regarding plans for increasing agent headcount in 2024 and managing customer care and enrollment costs. [Michael Murray question to Fran Soistman and John Stelben]