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GrowthX by EasyHealth is Now Healthy Labs - Your Full service Provider Growth Partner

Full service Provider Growth Platform

As the population ages, the demand for Medicare services is increasing rapidly. However, with the number of providers also increasing, competition in the Medicare space has become intense. Attracting quality Medicare prospects to providers is essential to stay competitive in the market .Providers need Medicare prospects that are of high quality, compliant, and easy to convert into patients. They also need support throughout the process, from initial contact to enrollment. 

Therefore, a full-service growth offering that caters to the needs of providers is crucial. EasyHealth’s GrowthX platform can deliver a full-service, compliant growth offering that helps your practice generate quality Medicare patient Medicare prospects through telephonic and digital channels. To deliver a full-service, compliant growth offering, we focus on three key areas: lead generation, compliance, service delivery, and reporting.

Quality Medicare Prospects

At EasyHealth, we are experts in digital customer acquisition and communicating the value proposition of your practice. We leverage digital channels such as social media, search engine marketing, and email marketing to generate quality Medicare patient Medicare prospects for your practice. We create a strong digital presence and use targeted messaging to reach potential patients. For example, social media platforms like Facebook allow targeting based on demographics, interests, and behaviors that can be used to reach potential Medicare patients with tailored messaging. 

Once a lead engages telephonically, we have a robust call center with trained agents who provide personalized and compliant information to potential patients. We create customized scripts that comply with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines to share your unique practice value proposition with members. Our smart scripting platform enables quick A/B testing and context driven conversations for better transfers.

Service Delivery:

Prospect nurturing is critical in converting Medicare prospects into patients. We provide ongoing support to potential patients throughout the enrollment process. Once we generate a quality Medicare patient lead, the next step is to deliver high-quality services to these patients. This includes direct scheduling and coordination of office tours and visits with providers and appointment reminders to help convert and retain those Medicare prospects. And follow up reminders via text message to ensure high appointment show-rates, and keep patients engaged with their provider. 

Operational Reporting:

Reporting and analytics are essential in measuring the effectiveness of lead generation strategies. We provide you with robust operational reporting and analytics that provides real-time data on the number of Medicare prospects generated, conversion rates, and return on investment. Our reporting and analytics provide insights into areas that need improvement, such as call center scripts and digital marketing campaigns.


Compliance is a critical component of Medicare marketing. Medicare agencies need to follow strict guidelines set forth by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Violating these guidelines can result in penalties and fines. As veterans of the Medicare world, we monitor all marketing activities to ensure all digital ads, messages and scripts are fully compliant. 

Delivering a full-service, compliant growth offering that generates quality Medicare patient Medicare prospects through telephonic and digital channels for providers requires a comprehensive approach. Understanding the needs of the providers, complying with CMS guidelines, ensuring quality assurance, lead nurturing, and providing reporting and analytics are all critical components. By partnering with EasyHealth, providers can generate quality Medicare prospects that are easy to convert into patients and grow their Medicare business. We focus on lead generation, compliance, and service delivery to allow you to be successful in this new market landscape and focus on delivering the best care possible to your patients

If you are ready to grow your Medicare patient population, contact us to discover more and begin your journey.